Anglican Archbishop Preaches Tolerance and Inclusion in Easter Sermon

April 12, 2004

Source: Toronto Star

On April 12, 2004 the Toronto Star reported, "The Christian church must stand in solidarity with Jews and Muslims 'and voice our outrage' in the face of vandalism and religious intolerance, Archbishop Terence Finlay told worshippers in his Easter message at St. James Anglican Cathedral yesterday. Easter is far more than the recognition of Christ's resurrection, Finlay said, but a feast that gives Christians both purpose and hope. 'Basically, the mission of the church is to teach the way of Jesus Christ, and to live out the way of Jesus Christ,' Finlay said. 'He has called us to build communities of compassion, inclusivity, hope, economic justice and peace. Churches may disagree on how that happens,' he noted, 'but for me this call to build communities of compassion and justice is paramount.' Citing 'a couple of issues I would emphasize for this day and time,' Finlay condemned intolerance and preached inclusion. 'In a climate of anger and destruction against faith communities, it is important for us to stand in solidarity,' he said...Finlay, who retires this summer as Anglican Archbishop of Toronto after nearly 20 years, also spoke out strongly in favour of recognizing same-sex couples."