American Sikhs to Keep the Homeless Warm

December 23, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Sikh Times

Sikh[s] in America stood shoulder to shoulder with the members of the community less well of[f] th[a]n themselves.

Nearly 200 of the area's underprivileged are a little warmer today thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Clamouring for coats, coffee and cake, many from Modesto's homeless community came together Sunday evening in Graceada Park at an event organised by several women from local agencies that offer health services to the needy.

Struggling community members also found pants, socks and gloves, as well as toiletries and other goods to stay clean and warm.

Mike Sandhau — owner of Sandhau Brothers Farm, which has 15,000 acres in rural Tracy was there[.]

He said he, some family and friends decided to pool some money to help local poor folks in honor of a 500-year-old Sikh tradition.

Mike said that this allows the community to remember the sacrifices made by the Sahibzada’s, the two youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh.

Both the youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were bricked alive in December 1704; they had to remain in freezing conditions with only the warmth of their grandmother to keep them warm.

“So we do this to keep other children, other families, warm in their honor,” he said. “It’s just something my family has done here for about six years now.”

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