An American Play by Sikh Youth Actors in Washington in Celebration of Sikh Scripture’s 300th Anniversary

October 23, 2008

Author: News Service

Source: Quami Ekta News Service

While contemplating how to get Non- Sikh Americans engaged in learning about Sikh Scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation (GGSF) thought of staging an American play with ideas and quotations from the Sikh scriptures. With the big day of 300th anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib approaching, a thought process got started. Why not celebrate with the world outside, the community at large? How do we say what we want to say without creating bias? Is there a better medium than kids to spread this fragrance from the Guru Granth Sahib? This thinking led to two plays by Sikh youth being planned for the fall premier expressing the themes of diversity, mutual respect, interfaith, and justice from Guru Granth. They will be staged on Saturday, December 13, 2008, at the Wootten High School in Rockville, Maryland.

Known for its innovative and creative approach in presenting Sikhism in the Western world, GGSF has ventured in an unchartered terrain in planning this program.

Last fall, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation had some of its kids take part in a play The Lorax, a musical adaptation from the famous Dr Seuss story book which was staged by kids from many different faiths. This play, adopted to create awareness about environment, was coordinated by the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington and was staged by the Children’s Theater Company of New York.

Dr. Harminder Kaur Mangat, who organized the participation of the Sikh kids, said, “Though it was a lot of hard labor on the part of kids, teachers, parents and the coordinators, but the experience was far more valuable. All the Kids were given opportunity to act, dance, sing, character building and last but not the least speech training.”