American Muslims Humiliated by Prisoner Abuse in Iraq

May 8, 2004

Source: The Associated Press

On May 8, 2004 The Associated Press reported, "Basem el-Kurd is a suburban, white-collar Republican who voted for George Bush in the last presidential election. But el-Kurd is also a Muslim, a Palestinian by birth, and the photos of U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners have sparked a bitter mix of outrage, shock and shame within him. 'I used to be proud when I traveled around the world and said 'I am an American,'" el-Kurd, 48, said after attending Friday prayers at his local mosque. 'I don't have that pride any more.' His anger was shared by many American Muslims, who said they have had difficulty defending their adopted country to relatives back home who saw photos of Iraqi prisoners stripped naked, abused and humiliated by U.S. soldiers."