American Muslim Leaders Discuss Concerns with Danish Ambassador

February 7, 2006

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council press release

On February 7, 2006 a Muslim Public Affairs Council press release reported, "In a united effort, through a meeting coordinated by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, representatives of national Muslim organizations working to combat defamation from Danish media met with Friis Arne Peterson, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States. The representatives expressed concerns about damaged relations with Muslim communities and offered contributions for prospective solutions, including an end to the violent demonstrations.

MPAC National Director Ahmed Younis began the discussion by discounting the constructed debate of a clash between western free speech norms and Islamic tradition by pointing to rich tradition in classical Islamic thought for the preservation of the mind and the right to free expression.

'The response of the Danish government seems to yield to the fallacious notion that there is some clash of civilizations,' said Younis. 'The integration of Muslim minority communities in the west is the fulcrum of proving that Huntington was flat wrong and the American Muslim community is leading this effort.'"