The American Muslim Hour in Central Florida

January 6, 2003

Source: Orlando Sentinel,0,1182104.story

On January 6, 2003 the Orlando Sentinel reported on "the American Muslim Hour, on 660 AM (WORL) [in Central Florida]... The show is the only one of its kind airing in Central Florida, and one of the few radio voices of Islam outside major cities... Program coordinator Lauri Lott is a Windermere homemaker and convert to the faith, and she knows she has a tough sell: explaining Islam -- post 9-11 -- to people in one of the most devotedly Christian parts of the United States... 'We want people to know that we're normal people,' she says. 'We're letting the American people know who we are -- in a good light.'... Kathy O'Neil , 31, the show's host, agrees... 'I want the Muslims to wake up and be part of the fabric of America,' she says. For instance, she encourages Muslims to vote, donate blood and give to the Salvation Army."