American Jews Rally in Support of Israel's Right to Defend Itself

April 8, 2002

Source: Star Tribune

On April 8, 2002, the Star Tribune reported that Jews from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, "who gathered Sunday at a religious service in south Minneapolis to show solidarity with Israel, heard a message of hope and peace, along with the common refrain: Israel has the right to defend itself from Palestinian suicide bombers... The Minneapolis service was among other unity rallies and services held nationwide Sunday. Thousands of demonstrators filled a city block near the United Nations in New York City, and about 3,000 people gathered in downtown Boston for a 'Stand with Israel' rally... Rallies also were held Saturday in Miami and Crawford, Texas, where 1,200 people gathered blocks from where Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair held a news conference insisting that Israel stop its offensive in the West Bank and withdraw troops."