The American Jewish Committee Responds to Cartoon Controversy

February 7, 2006

Source: American Jewish Committee press release

On February 7, 2006 an American Jewish Committee press release reported, "The American Jewish Committee today expressed deep concern over the furor unleashed by the publication in a Danish newspaper, and later in other papers, of cartoons deemed offensive by many Muslims... Three things in particular disturb us about the response of some in the Islamic world to the cartoons. First, peaceful protest and public debate have been replaced by angry mob scenes, violence, intimidation and destruction of property. This is totally unacceptable. Second, while editorial cartoons may not be the most refined forum to examine social and political ills, and these cartoons clearly gave offense, the broad message they sought to convey – that Islam and the name of the Prophet Mohammed are invoked frequently by fanatical murderers whose horrific crimes have touched every continent – cannot be ignored either in the West or in the Muslim world itself. And third, the story drips with hypocrisy. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. For example, Saudi Arabia, which has lodged a formal protest with Denmark and Norway, is among the world’s most intolerant nations... Moreover, an American Jewish Committee co-sponsored study in 2003 documented that Saudi government-sponsored schools teach children contempt and distrust of Christians and Jews (read the study at"