American Jewish and Muslim Comedy Duo Perform Across Nation

August 6, 2002

Source: Yahoo News

On August 6, 2002, Yahoo News reported that "standup comedian Ahmed Ahmed has been sharing a bill with Bob Alper, a part-time rabbi, in comedy shows at synagogues and elsewhere, and the two hope their professional relationship will have some larger value in these tense times... For several months, the men have performed together around Vermont and elsewhere, including New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Some shows have been co-sponsored by Muslim groups, Alper said... Each pokes fun at his own culture but steers clear of discussing the other's, or the Mideast strife... Neither comedian wants to diminish the gravity of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. But, says Alper, 'Comedy's a very holy endeavor in that it enables people to cope with sadness and with tension and with crisis.'"