American Faith Leaders Condemn Iraqi Prisoner Abuse in TV Ad

June 10, 2004

Source: The New York Times

On June 10, 2004 The New York Times reported, "American spiritual leaders from different faiths condemn the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib in a 30-second advertisement to be broadcast next week on the Arabic television networks Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. 'The impetus for this ad was from the deep sense of moral regret that we were hearing from people of faith across the country,' said Tom Perriello, the co-director of — the month-old nonprofit advocacy group that created the ad. 'We believe that the abuses are both sinful and systematic and that the moral damage of this around the world will last a long time,' he said. — which has also focused on the human suffering in western Sudan — raised about $36,000 from more than 1,000 donors to produce and broadcast the ad. It is paying $20,000 for 10 slots on the two networks beginning Tuesday. In the ad, a Presbyterian, a Muslim, a Catholic and a Jew read a statement as written Arabic translations appear."