American Baha'is Hold 97th Annual National Convention

April 26, 2006

Source: U.S. Baha'i News Service

On April 26, 2006 U.S. Baha'i News Service reported, "From April 27 to 30, the Baha'i community of the United States is holding its 97th annual national convention to elect its national governing body and consult on global plans for the Faith’s growth and development. Approximately 170 delegates are convening at the Baha'i House of Worship for the North American Continent in Wilmette, just outside of Chicago. During the same week, Baha’is in more than 180 countries are holding their national conventions as well. This year, Baha’is worldwide are launching a five-year effort to invite others to investigate the Baha’i Faith and join activities that promote community vitality and the application of spiritual principles to everyday life. These activities include small-group study of the Baha’i scriptures; prayer and devotions; and programs to “nurture and support children and youth in preparing for a life of service to humanity. The Baha'i Faith has no clergy. With more than 5 million adherents from virtually every national and ethnic group on earth, its affairs are governed by a network of elected lay councils at the international, national and local levels."