Is America Judeo-Christian?

December 23, 2003

Source: The Kansas City Star

On December 23, 2003 The Kansas City Star published an article in which a Hindu and Muslim answered the question: "Are people of other faiths offended when this country is referred to as Judeo-Christian?" Kris Krishna,a member of the Hindu community, agrees in her response that America is Judeo-Christian but adds:"Only a naive person should think this is used to give Judeo-Christian faiths preferential treatment. If we compare this to some other countries where religion rules, such as Saudi Arabia, where it is clear which religion gets the preference, we should feel proud of our secularism. From the Hindu viewpoint, we do not feel we are discriminated against because of our religion. Why would American be such a strong magnet for people all over the world of different religions if this were not true?"