Al Ahad Islamic Center in Pennsylvania Educates Residence about Islam

May 18, 2003

Source: The Express-Times

On May 18, 2003 The Express-Times reported that "in the past few weeks, news from Iraq brought images of mass graves containing the bones of Shiite Muslims who opposed Saddam Hussein... This weekend, local [PA] residents learned more about the oppression that led to those graves, and about Islam in general... The education was part of the opening of the $2.1 million Al Ahad Islamic Center... Started by a handful of immigrants from East Africa in the 1970s -- some of whom fled Idi Amin's brutal regime in Uganda --membership in recent years outgrew their Chew Street location in Allentown... The 300 members are now worshipping in a 16,000-square-foot mosque on Ridgeview Drive off Route 309."