Akron Group Welcomes all Faiths to Prayer Event

April 28, 2007

Author: Colette M. Jenkins

Source: Akron Beacon Journal


Who should pray on National Day of Prayer?

If you ask the organizers of the two observances planned in Summit County, you get the same answer: everyone.

But the Akron Area Association of Churches isn't sure everyone feels welcome at the annual observance at the Summit County Courthouse that is sponsored by the Summit County National Day of Prayer Task Force. So, this year, the association decided to sponsor its own observance.

"National Day of Prayer has, over the years, been observed predominantly by conservative, evangelical Christians, but it says on the Web site that it is a day when people are supposed to come together,'' said Chloe Ann Kriska, executive director of the association. "While AAAC is a Christian organization, we do cooperate and collaborate with the interfaith world. If this day is for all Americans, we need to include all people.''

National Day of Prayer, which will be observed on Thursday, was designated in 1952 by the U.S. Congress as a day when all Americans, regardless of faith, are asked to come together and pray in their own way. It is held on the first Thursday in May.