Akbar Ahmed Honored at National Cathedral for Work in Interfaith Understanding

February 25, 2005

Source: Daily Times


On February 25, 2005 the Daily Times reported, "last Sunday’s evening song – a special evening prayer – at the National Cathedral was dedicated to Dr Akbar Ahmed in recognition of his work towards inter-faith understanding. The ceremony started with the reading of a message from the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, while Bishop John Chane of the Cathedral in his remarks called the event unprecedented in church history, and arranged to promote harmony and understanding between different faiths. Senior Rabbi Bruce Lustig credited the Pakistani academic with emphasis on the commonality between all Abrahamic religions. Dr Ahmed started with a recitation of Sura Fateha and spoke about the difficult times the world was passing through. In his speech, Dr Ahmed said 9/11 had created immense challenges and cultural rifts, but also an opportunity to reach out and build bridges. He had come to realize, he explained, how close the Judaic and Christian traditions were to Islam."