Again, Vandals Target Sikh Home in Fremont

August 27, 2004

Source: The Argus (CA),1413,83~1971~2362595,00.html

On August 27, 2004 The Argus (CA) reported, "the same day that The Argus reported a series of incidents in which paint balls were shot at the home of a Sikh family, the home was vandalized again, family members said Thursday. The vandals ducked under bushes to avoid being spotted by surveillance cameras that Upinder Gupta Kaur and her husband, Semerjit Singh, installed this week... It's the fourth time in a month her home has been sprayed by green paint balls, she said, and the family's two cars also were scratched with a key on Aug. 6. They and local civil rights activists accuse police of dragging their feet on the investigation. Kaur claims she knows the culprit, a neighborhood teenager who has harassed her son because he wears a turban."