Aga Khan Pours Wealth into Islamic Sites in Syria

September 16, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Middle East Online

The majestic citadel atop Syria's ancient city of Aleppo, the Masyaf fortress of the sinister order of the Assassins and the castle of Saladdin have all been given a new lease on life as part of a project by the Aga Khan to promote Islamic sites.

"We don't do enough to illustrate to the peoples of our world the greatness of Islamic civilisations," the 71-year-old billionaire spiritual leader of the world's 15 million Shiite Ismaili Muslims said.

The Aga Khan, who last year celebrated 50 years as head of his community, said at a recent ceremony capping work in Aleppo that his goal is to educate the world on the wealth of Muslim culture.

"Because they don't know our history, they don't know our literature, they don't know our philosophy, they don't know the physical environment in which our countries have lived, they view the ummah (the Muslim nation) in terminology which is completely wrong."