In the Aftermath: Reaching Out, Offering Assistance and Correcting Misconceptions

September 16, 2001

Source: Newsday

On September 16, 2001, Newsday reported on the rush of volunteers to assist after the terrorist attacks. "The outpouring showed New York to be the immigrant town it has always been. Noha Abdelghany, 16, and her cousin, Galia Ahmed, 15, came in from the Bronx, and helped the Salvation Army hand out sandwiches, fruit and cookies to the other volunteers. The girls, who are Egyptian Muslims who wore traditional head coverings, said they wanted to dispel anti-Muslim stereotypes held by some Americans. Abdelghany's best friend's father, who is Egyptian, was working at the World Trade Center the day of the attack, and is missing. 'This is my country, too. I was born in Egypt, but this is my country now,' Abdelghany said. 'We felt this is a tragedy for all New Yorkers, not just Christians or Jews.'"