After London Bombings, American Muslim Youth Issue Statement Against Terrorism and Hatred

July 21, 2005

Source: ISNA

On July 21, 2005 the Islamic Society of North America issued a press release that reported, "In response to the latest terrorist attacks in London, young Muslim leaders across the country issued a statement today condemning all acts of terrorism and the ideology of hatred that fuels them. Islamic Society of North America and The Muslim Public Affairs Council mobilised this effort to issue the collective statement, which reads: 'This afternoon, the world witnessed a second terrorist attack on London. In light of these hostile events, we Muslim American students and youth stand united in condemning all acts of terror and the burgeoning war on ideas. We refuse to remain silent while others claiming to represent Islam preach an ideology of hatred. Islam does not tolerate the use of terrorism for any purpose, regardless of who the aggressors are and what their justifications might be. This sensitive time calls for solidarity not only for the people of London but for the international community, regardless of race or faith, to oppose the evil of terrorism.'" The statement was endorsed by Muslim student organizations in over 30 American universities.