After July 7, Rising Resentment Against Immigrants, Muslims

September 5, 2005

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,1300791.story?coll=la-headlines-world

On September 5, 2005 the Los Angeles Times reported, "It was less than genteel, not the kind of thing a Londoner liked to admit, but Matthew Pickard couldn't help himself when drawn into a discussion about the recent bombings on the city's transit system. There is an 'undertow,' he said, a feeling of resentment toward ethnic communities that had long been welcomed.

'My friends, who are all educated and professionals, they're saying, "What gives those people the right to come up from other countries and set up homes and set up families and then start bombing and maiming people?"' the 33-year-old engineering consultant said. 'They just don't move in and integrate with society. They move in and take over. I just think enough's enough.'

Since the July 7 attacks that killed 52 commuters, an increasing number of Britons have become worried that their nation has been too tolerant of foreigners. Enticed by generous asylum laws, jobs, welfare benefits and a commitment to racial cohesion, millions of immigrants, many from nations once part of the British empire, have found a home here. But their presence is being challenged, especially in the case of people from Muslim cultures."