African American and Jewish Students Host Freedom Seder

April 22, 2005

Source: PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

On April 22, 2005 PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly reported, "for Jews, Passover begins this weekend (April 23.) The eight-day festival starts with a seder -- a dinner. The elements of the seder represent the story of the Jews' Exodus from Egypt. They include salt water for the tears and suffering of the Israelites; unleavened bread for the dough that didn't have time to rise; bitter herbs for the hardship of slavery; and parsley, a sign of springtime -- the season of Passover. In recent years, as Passover has approached, some Jews and African Americans have come together for what they call a Freedom Seder to commemorate their common liberation from slavery. They tell their respective stories and eat food from each tradition. [PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly] attended the Freedom Seder this year at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst."