Acts of Support and Solidarity Following the Backlash

September 18, 2001

Source: Al-Hewar Web Site

The Al-Hewar Center is maintaining a comprehensive web site which includes statements regarding the terror attacks and the backlash that followed. As noted on the site: "America will rebuild her buildings, but the real challenge is to keep her spirit of tolerance alive." The Al-Hewar Center describes itself as "an independent forum for dialogue among the various members of the Arab community with the goals of finding common ground within the community as well as bringing about greater mutual understanding between the Arab community and American society at large. The Center is designed to facilitate the participation of a wide and diverse audience, and membership is open to all who are interested. The Center does not take positions, nor is it affiliated with any country, organization, political party or ideology; rather it provides a forum for respectful dialogue that is open to all opinions."