ACLU, Muslim, and Interfaith Groups Urge Courts to Allow Multiple Religious Texts for Oaths

July 11, 2005

Source: ACLU

On July 11, 2005 an ACLU Press Report stated, "The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina today accused the Administrative Office of Courts of dragging its feet on an important issue of religious freedom and called upon the rule-making body to adopt a policy allowing the use of the Qur’an and other religious texts for the swearing of oaths in court proceedings. 'The government cannot favor one set of religious values over another and must allow all individuals of faith to be sworn in on the holy text that is in accordance with their faith,' said Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director of the ACLU of North Carolina. Muslim groups, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and interfaith religious organizations have also called upon officials to respect religious diversity by allowing the use of multiple religious texts in this and related contexts."