Accused Killer of Van Gogh Refuses to Participate in Court Case

July 12, 2005

Source: The Guardian,3604,1526396,00.html

On July 12, 2005 The Guardian reported, "The man accused of killing the Dutch film producer Theo van Gogh quoted prayers in Arabic at judges yesterday and walked out of court holding a Qur'an above his head. Mohammed Bouyeri, the only suspect on trial for Mr van Gogh's killing, refused to answer questions about his possible motivation and said he had no plans to fight the charges. Prosecutors say Mr Bouyeri, 27 and of Moroccan origin, attacked Mr van Gogh in a street in Amsterdam on November 2 2004, shooting him several times and then going on a rampage that targeted police officers. He could face life imprisonment if convicted of terrorism, murder, attempted murder and impeding democracy by threatening members of parliament... Mr Bouyeri confirmed his identity for the three-judge bench, but his lawyer, Peter Plasman, said that his client did not recognise the authority of the court. 'My client wants no defence by him, nor on his behalf, and that's a very thoroughly considered decision,' Mr Plasman said. 'This is probably the last thing I'll be saying at this trial.'"