Aal al-Bait University Educates for Religious Tolerance

October 13, 2003

Source: The Taipei Times


On October 13, 2003 The Taipei Times ran an article from The Observer that reported, "In a part of the world often associated in the West with bigoted fundamentalism, Aal al-Bait University has a 'special mission,' says its president, Salman al-Badur: 'To teach students academic subjects; and to create Islamic moderation, Islamic tolerance.' Established in 1993, the university was part of Jordan's answer to the rising regional tide of Islamic fundamentalism. [Al-Badur] explained: 'Every student, even those studying subjects such as computer science, physics and chemistry, has to be acquainted with the problems facing the Islamic world, with the differences between Muslims themselves. Every student has to study comparative religion.'"