41 Student Religious Groups at UNC Mirror Religious Diversity in US

November 30, 2005

Source: The Daily Tar Heel


On November 30, 2005 The Daily Tar Heel reported, "UNC’s spiritual life in many ways serves as a microcosm of greater society. The 41 registered student religious groups mirror the variety of faith in the U.S., with groups ranging from Baha’is to Baptists. And though there’s no sign Americans are going to church more often... several UNC religious student groups have shown significant growth during the past several years. Campus Crusade for Christ has about 650 people attending Bible studies and has seen about a 10 percent growth per year during the past three years, says Miles O’Neill, campus director of Campus Crusade. Jewish life on campus also has been growing each year, says Or Mars, executive director of N.C. Hillel, though Hillel does not keep membership numbers... The Muslim Students Association also has increased from about 15 students in 2003 to about 60 now, says Uzma Khan, president of the MSA... The Interfaith Alliance, which meets every other week, was started this year 'to promote dialogue, tolerance and education,' says Matthew Wright, a board member at the alliance and representative for the Episcopal Campus Ministry."