3rd Annual Sikh Children Day Celebration Held in Fremont

June 28, 2007

Author: Kashmir Shahi

Source: Sikh News Network


If you are a young Sikh couple and need to start a new life and family and you visit Fremont and visit it especially on 'Sikh Children's day' you will feel this is the best place you could be in and the future of your children is secure.

Children celebrate 'Spirit Week' in school but here in their spiritual school where they were celebrating the spirit of Sikhi. Dressed up all in white clothes with kesri dastaars they seemed to be an epitome of success while they marched in the Gurudwara with the sangat looking at the precious ones that will be the future of 'Sikhi'.

A foreign land, though it might have become our own gives this opportunity to us to stick together and march together. This tradition goes to the Khalsa School that almost every Gurudwara has and the camps that follow every other month. It is the parents that take the pain and the time to get the kids to the Gurudwara and indulge in activities that make them feel they have a place, a friend, an environment of their own.