3 Faiths Coming Together for Mideast Trip

May 12, 2008

Author: Robert King

Source: Indy Star


They will travel halfway around the world together, build a house for a needy family together and reach out to refugees of war together.

But showing people how different faiths can work together for the common good is the biggest thing a group representing Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in Indianapolis hopes to achieve on a trip next month to the Middle East.

The 15-member caravan making the unlikely pilgrimage to Jordan, Syria and Israel includes a rabbi, an imam and two Christian ministers. They will build a Habitat for Humanity-type home in Jordan, carry medical and educational supplies to Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria, and visit some of their faiths' holiest shrines in Israel.

In a part of the world where the United States is frequently seen as an aggressor, they say they want to represent America's gentler, humanitarian side and show what it means to respect religious differences.