13-Year Old Muslim Artist Paints Hindu Gods

February 21, 2006

Source: IBN Live


On February 21, 2006 IBN Live reported, "She does not paint masterpieces, but coming from a girl in early teens, her art is impressive to say the least. Insha Manzoor, the artist, is the daughter of a Muslim truck driver from Mattan in Anantnag district. And while the world burns with protests over Prophet Mohammad's cartoons, this 13-year-old girl from a humble background is painting Radha and Krishna. Her paintings are a reflection of what she truly believes in and practices: A world undivided by religion. 'Art knows no boundaries of religion. I want to say that like art, even people should not have any divides. We should all live together, peacefully,' envisions Insha Manzoor, the young artist. Her paintings range from portraits of Mahatma Gandhi to images from Hindu mythology. But ask Insha about her favourite subject, and she doesn't have to blink her eye. 'I like painting Radha-Krishna. I paint them from my imagination,' beams Insha. Insha's choice of subject did raise doubts among her family members initially. It could have been difficult for a Muslim girl to paint Radha and Krishna in a valley torn apart by religious strife. But today, her parents are proud of their little daughter, who has followed her passion against all odds and made a difference."