‘Sikhs In Pak Insecure, Uncertain About Future’

February 27, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Indian Express


“There is tremendous sense of insecurity among the Sikhs in Pakistan after the beheading by Taliban,” said a Sikh Jatha member who returned from Pakistan on Friday. “Many Sikhs have taken shelter in Gurdwaras after fleeing the areas under Taliban control and trouble-torn FATA areas.”

The Sikh Jatha had to cut short its fortnight-long-pilgrims to Pakistan, to pay homage to martyrs of Nankana Sahib Massacre, to 10 days.

Arriving here on the Samjhauta Express, the Jatha members said they met families who had taken shelter in Lahore and other Gurdwaras. “There were strong rumours everywhere in Pakistan that Sikhs were being converted to Islam,” they said.

“There were some families at Nankana Sahib Gurdwara near Lahore who told us that the situation is tense and kidnapping of Sikhs for ransom is way of life in the areas near Peshawar,” said Ajit Singh, a devotee from Patiala.