‘Operation Bubbe’ to Gather Jewish Vote in FL

November 11, 2004

Source: Chicago Tribune


On November 11, 2004 Chicago Tribune reported, "with ever-present memories of hanging chads and miscast ballots--symbols of Florida's role in the disputed 2000 presidential election--both parties are bringing in heavyweights for what again is a too-close-to-call race in Florida. Bush backers appearing in South Florida include former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat who supports the president for his role in the war on terrorism. The Democrats, meanwhile, have trotted out such party stalwarts as President Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Leaving nothing to chance, however, Democrats this weekend will unleash a new tour de force: 100 or so 20-something Jewish Americans descending on South Florida, mainly from the Northeast. Dubbed Operation Bubbe--a Yiddish word for grandmother--the young men and women will comb South Florida's giant condominium communities to help retirees get out and vote."