‘Launch Programs to Educate People About Sikhism’

March 6, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: India Journal


US-based Sikh advocacy group has demanded instituting educational programs in schools, government offices and private sector to sensitize students and employees about Sikhism, as the community faces global discrimination for their articles of faith including Turban and Kirpan.

“The civil rights issues facing the Sikh community vary in severity from country to country but the overall themes of discrimination are the same,” says United Sikhs in a report.

“Such issues can be effectively dealt with through community empowerment, political participation, advocacy, education and acceptance of the ‘most eloquent of Sikh maxims’ of considering human race as one,” the group said.

In most places, it says, articles of faith and religious practices are not given the significance they deserve and that can be corrected only through education.

The report, which gives a series of reported and unreported incidents of discrimination in various countries, calls on the governments to ensure that the security agencies do not profile individuals.