‘First Ambassador of Sikhism to the Western World’ Award Conferred on Sant Teja Singh Ji

January 16, 2007

Source: The Kalghidhar Society Press Release


The Khalsa Diwan Society, conferred the ‘First Ambassador of Sikhism to the Western World’ award on Sant Teja Singh Ji during its centennial celebrations at Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar, New Westminster from Dec. 15 to Dec. 25, 2006. Sant Teja Singh Ji registered the Khalsa Diwan Society and helped organize Vancouver Sikhs in the early 1900’s and thereafter went back to India and established The Kalgidhar Society. The award was received by Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, president of The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib.

The notable decision taken at the celebrations was that Khalsa Diwan Society will celebrate ‘Sant Teja Singh Diwas’ on 3 July every year for his contribution towards achieving permanent residency of Sikhs in Canada in early 20th Century. During his stay abroad, Sant Teja Singh Ji established the Sikh Dharamsala in London in 1910 and a Gurdwara in Victoria BC in Canada in 1912-13. He served the Sikhs and other Indian communities in Vancouver BC. He pleaded with the Canadian Government for Indians who were being ordered to leave the country and won the legal battle. He also established the Sikh Temple at Stockton, California in USA.

Dr. Khem Singh Gill, Padam Bhushan (Vice-President of The Kalgidhar Society and former Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agriculture University) explained the principles of permanent peace in Sikh Philosophy according to Gurbani. He explained giving reasons why Sikhism will be best suited as a ‘world religion’ for the future generations.