£4.3m to Help Faith Organisations Promote Community Cohesion

March 6, 2007

Author: Pam Caulfield

Source: Twenty-Four Dash


Communities Minister Phil Woolas today offered grants totalling more than £4.3 million to 343 organisations to promote a common sense of citizenship.

Ministers have set out the challenge for all living in a multicultural Britain of learning to celebrate our shared heritage while doing more to understand our individual differences.

Today's announcement recommends funding groups with practical solutions to build capacity among faith communities to support inter faith work.

The announcement follows bids from more than 1,200 organisations to the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund. This is the second round of a £13.8 million fund to help organisations promote community cohesion and shared citizenship at a local community level.

Phil Woolas said: "This demonstrates how we are stepping-up work in communities to promote understanding and cohesion by effectively engaging women, young people and hard to reach groups. We must continue to emphasise our sense of British-ness and the shared values which hold us together."