New Orleans Zen Temple

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 17 April 2006.

Phone: 504-525-3533
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Founded by Robert Livingston Roshi, the New Orleans Zen Temple provides a place for Soto Zen practice in New Orleans. Livingston studied with the great Zen master, Taisen Deshimaru Roshi, for ten years. Deshimaru authorized Livingston to teach and asked him to spread the teachings of true Zen to the United States. Robert Livingston Roshi came to New Orleans in 1983, a year after Deshimaru's death. Since then he has been teaching the practice of Zen Buddhism in the Soto tradition.

Activities and Schedule

Members practice seated meditation (zazen) and work practice (samu) together. Every month, meditation retreats (sesshin) are offered as extended periods of time to deepen one's practice. Practitioners may stay at the temple either on a nightly basis as guests, or on a monthly basis as residents. Residents and guests of the New Orleans Zen Temple must do zazen and samu every day and attend all sesshin. Anyone is welcome to stay as a guest. Residents pay rent for their room, meals, and practice. The temple offers training in residence for those who seek to practice full-time. Practioners are responsible for maintaining the temple; they also make meditation cushions ("zafus") which aid in maintaining correct posture. They sell these on the temple's web site, along with books by Robert Livingston, Taisen Deshimaru and Masao Abe.
The Zen Temple of New Orleans relocated to their original site on Camp Street in February of 2005.