New Dimensions Worship Center

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 918-392-9982
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Bishop Carlton Pearson left Oral Roberts’ Association as a University student in the 1970’s to found Higher Dimensions Ministries in Jenks, Oklahoma. Originally, Bishop Pearson traveled around the country, speaking at revivals and evangelistic conferences. Soon, Bishop Pearson gathered a following and opened up Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center on South Memorial Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The center was a strong member of the Charismatic Evangelistic community. The church accumulated more than 7,000 active members in its prime. In early 2005, however, after much research, study, and soul searching, Bishop Pearson made public his belief in a universalistic doctrine, meaning he now teaches that God’s love is absolute, complete, and all-inclusive. Subsequently, he was stripped of his church and declared a heretic by his association. In December 2005, New Dimensions Worship Center, Inc. was officially formed. Trinity Episcopal Parish invited the new center to use their facilities until Bishop Pearson could relocate his ministries. The executive offices are located in downtown Tulsa not far from Trinity Episcopal. The new church has 1,000 members on file, 500 of which are active in a given month. New Dimensions has outlined a five-year plan that includes securing land and a building by year three. The new ministry is dedicated to "reconciling our differences, celebrating our diversity, acknowledging our oneness in worship."


1,000 members on file, 500 of which are active throughout the month. The church maintains a strong contingent of Higher Dimensions members who remain faithful to Bishop Pearson, as well as new members who appreciate the radical message of the church. The church is racially diverse, comprised of approximately 50% African Americans, 40% Caucasian Americans, and 10% Latin, Asian, and Native-Indian Americans. There are very few children or elderly members. Most members' ages fall between the early twenties through late thirties.


Currently, New Dimensions is utilizing space for services from Trinity Episcopal Parish at 5th and Cincinnati in downtown Tulsa. Within three years the center hopes to establish its own center in the downtown area as well. The executive offices are located in the First Place Tower at 4th and Boston, not far from Trinity Episcopal. The center uses a suite on the 29th floor with an amazing view of the city.

Activities and Schedule

Currently, services are limited to 1 pm on Sundays and 7 pm on Wednesdays, following Trinity Episcopal’s services.


Originally, Tulsa reacted very viscerally to Bishop Pearson’s doctrine. Bishop Pearson, however, held firm to his belief in "loving out loud and on purpose," and has survived to create the "friendliest, trendiest, most radically inclusive worship experience in town!"