Masjid Ur-Raheem

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 504-827-0017
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Hurricane Katrina Update

Masjid Ur-Raheem is located in the flooded areas. Fortunately, the flood waters rose just short of the ground floor of the mosque, sparing it of major damage. However, Katrina's hurricane-force winds heavily damaged the building which housed the school and the success center. The roof sustained major damage, allowing rain water to get in. The interior of the school sustained major damage, forcing its closure while repairs are being made. The mosque's members also suffered greatly from Katrina. All were temporarily displaced, and some have been unable to return to the city. One member estimates that about half of the congregation has permanently relocated after the hurricane. The mosque is holding prayer services as usual. Repairs to the school are well under way, and should be completed by September 2006.


Masjid Ur-Raheem was founded in 1988 in a working-class section of New Orleans. The mosque runs the Sister Clara Muhammad school at a property adjacent to the mosque. In the same building is Raheem's Success Center.

Activities and Schedule

The mosque observes the five prayer sessions each day at the prescibed times. During Ramadan, the month of fasting throughout each day, members of the community prepare food for the feast that breaks the fast after the evening prayers. During Ramadan in 2002, Masjid Ur-Raheem hosted as many as 300 people per night. The mosque served as a host for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty in 2002.


Most members of the mosque are African-Americans. Some New Orleans Muslims were introduced to aspects of Islam in their youth through exposure to Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam. Like the majority of African-American Muslims, New Orleanians joined mainstream Islam under the inspiration of Muhammad's son, Wallace Deen Mohammed, the son of Elijah Muhammad.

Location and Directions

Location: Close to Esplanade Ave., between the French Quarter and City Park. From Uptown: S CLAIBORNE AVE / US-90 E. Continue to follow US-90 E. Merge onto I-10 E. 1.1 miles Take EXIT 236A toward ESPLANADE AVE. 0.2 miles Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto N CLAIBORNE AVE. 0.1 miles Turn LEFT onto ESPLANADE AVE. 0.2 miles Turn LEFT onto N JOHNSON ST. <0.1 miles End at 1238 N Johnson St New Orleans, LA 70116-2141 Total Est. Time from Loyola University: 11 minutes Total Est. Distance: 5 miles