Masjid Tawheed was Sunnah

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 919-767-1044

Activities and Schedule

Friday Jummah
Sunday classes via telephone line with Saudi Arabian scholars
Saturday and Sunday Arabic classes
Sunday class: women only


The Masjid was founded by a group who had worshiped at Masjid Ibad Ar-Rahman before philosophical differences regarding the "Muslim Brotherhood" precipitated a schism between the two groups.


The ethnic composition of the Masjid is mostly African-American. English is spoken in the center, and Arabic classes are offered during weekends.


According to a 2007 email, the Masjid is located in a 2 commercial/residence home on South Alston Avenue.
The following information was correct at the time of this profile's initial publication, but is now outdated: The Masjid is located next to a Mexican grocery and across a very wide street from a Christian center. It is a small, unadorned two floor structure. There is a small library inside, which houses books and cassettes on works by Saudi Arabian and Jordanian scholars. There are rooms reserved for women's classes.

Center Activities

Several internal activities exist for this Masjid. The Imam listed monthly pot lucks and yard sales as structures in place that work on both internal cohesion and external outreach. The center also participates in wedding planning. Arabic classes, conference calls to Saudi Arabia, and women's classes take place on weekends.