Masjid ar-Rahmah

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 504-866-3879
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The real estate property was first acquired by Muslim students in the 1970s. The property was financed by fund raising from Tulane students, graduate and undergraduate, and also from local Arab and Muslim business owners. International support was provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and from philanthropists in the Middle East, South, and Southeast Asia. The mosque continues to receive support through traditional almsgiving (zakat); additional endowments and contributions serve to support utility payments, maintenance, insurance premiums, etc. Over the years the mosque has rented out a second floor apartment and this has served to offset the mosque's operating expenses.

Activities and Schedule

There are five different prayer services during the day. The early morning prayer is offered two hours after dawn, the noon prayer, the mid-afternoon prayer usually held around 1:30 p.m., the sunset prayer which begins immediately after sunset and the evening prayer which begins after the red glow of dusk.


Masjid ar-Rahman is located in a nondescript Uptown house slightly obscured by a large hedge. No external signs or symbols indicate its function. A short flight of concrete steps leads to the main entrance. Upon entering one sees shelving to keep shoes which Muslims remove at that point. To the right is the main prayer room; to the left the women's room and next to that is an area for washing before prayer. The main prayer area has an expanse of blue-green carpet in a bare, sunlit room. There are two wall hangings, bookshelves paired around a fireplace, and a small colorful prayer rug. To the left of the main prayer room, there is a library of religious materials.


Located a block and a half from the Anthropology annex, Masjid ar-Rahman serves as a convenient place of prayer for many students at Tulane University. Most participants walk over to the mosque from Tulane University where many are graduate students or teaching staff. The mosque is located near a bus route which allows easy access from other parts of the city. Most worshippers come from Middle eastern and Asian countries, although American converts can also be seen attending on occasion.