Masjid al-Tawbeh

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 504-392-3425
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Masjid al-Tawbeh was founded in 1993 by members of the West Bank Muslim Association. The mosque has a school which began in 2000-2001. The community has grown slowly but steadily since its formation. Plans for expansion are under way.

Activities and Schedule

Masjid al-Tawbeh observes the mandatory prayer services five times a day. They begin at sunrise, continue at noon, at mid-afternoon, and at sunset, and the final prayer ceremony is after dark. Service starts as the Imam or prayer leader initiates the prayers to Allah in Arabic. Worshipers face a niche in the prayer room which is oriented towards Mecca. The carpet has a pattern that runs diagonal to the prayer room to facilitate the correct orientation of the congregation. Sheik Main Al-Qudah currently serves as the full-time Imam of the mosque. He is originally from Jordan and has studied Arabic and Islam in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


The overall appearance of Masjid al-Tawbeh, inside and out, is very simple. When entering the mosque, there is a rack to the right of the door to place shoes and a washing area for the members to wash their hands, feet, and mouths before worship. Men and women pray in separate sections of the main hall, with a six-foot wooden dividing wall between them. The wall is inscribed with passages from the Qur'an. The mosque was formerly a small office building at the end of a short lane near the intersection of Wall and Lapalco Boulevards.

Muslim Academy

The mosque has a school next door which was established in 2000-2001. The Muslim Academy has an enrollment of about 150 students (spring, 2004). The school has about twelve teachers with a curriculum from pre-K to the 7th grade. The community plans to build a larger facility across the street from the mosque. Once constructed the school may expand into the building which currently serves as the mosque.


The mosque's congregation is mostly Asian, with Pakistani families being the largest single group.

Location and Directions

The bridge from New Orleans to the West Bank is US-90, a.k.a. the Crescent City Connection. 1.The bridge (US-90) becomes WESTBANK Expressway after 0.9 miles. 2. Take the TERRY Parkway, exit. (0.1 miles) 3. Take the TERRY Parkway ramp. (0.5 miles) 4. Merge onto TERRY Parkway (2.5 miles) 5. Stay straight to go onto WALL Boulevard (0.6 miles) Since you can't make a left, cross Lapalco Blvd. and then... 6. Make a U-TURN onto WALL Boulevard (0.1 miles) 7. Turn RIGHT onto LAPALCO Boulevard. (0.1 miles) 8. Turn RIGHT onto REALTY Drive (0.1 miles) 9. The mosque is near the end on the right at 448 REALTY Drive.