Masjid Al-Rahman

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 20 December 2013.

Phone: 401-729-0745
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Activities and Schedule

Five Daily Prayers and Lecture/Discussion Group after Isha prayer Friday: Jum'ah prayer and Khutba, 1:00 P.M.


There is perhaps no better evidence for the rapid growth of the Muslim community in the Providence area than Masjid Al-Rahman. Established at the end of 1999, the community converted an abandoned laundromat into a fully operational communal center for worship. The impetus for this arose from the unanimous communal voice of the Muslims in the Pawtucket area (just north of Providence), who emphasized the need for a centralized place of worship much closer than the North Smithfield and Providence masjids.


The worshippers hope that the monthly rent they pay for their masjid will help them congregate more easily and build a strong and faithful community. The congregation also hopes to establish a school for its youth so that they do not lose their common Islamic heritage and language. Primarily Sunni, its main sources of authority are the Qur’an and Sunna (The example of the prophet Muhammad). At present, the masjid is communally run, with no real administrative structure beyond the spiritual leadership of Imam Amjad. Although its primary purpose was originally to act as a place of worship, the congregation has rapidly expanded its regular programs to include offering marriage and death ceremonial and counseling services. They are also planning to open a weekend school for the Islamic education of children and the establishment of more formalized adult lectures and discussions.


At this point in its history, the masjid has much more elemental concerns and can only theorize on future intended activities and programs. The community hopes that as it grows and develops its vision and resources it will be able to participate in outreach programs to other Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This includes possible involvement in Islamic awareness, interfaith dialogue and community service.

Location and Directions

From Route 95, take the Newport Avenue exit. After 8 traffic lights on Newport Avenue, take a left onto Gill Avenue.