Masjid Al-Islam

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 27 August 2015.

Phone: 401-762-0107
[flickr_set id="72157621942628930"] Activities and Schedule Daily: Five prayers and lecture for adults after Isha prayer Friday: Jum'ah prayer and Khutba, 1:00 P.M.; Sunday: children's school from 10:00 A.M.-12:00 noon Wednesday: communal visits to other Muslims. History Now entering its eighth year of existence, Masjid Al-Islam was communally built through private donations in 1994 by architect Javid Sultan. Most prominent was the contribution of Dr. Muhammad Arif, who gave the land and a large part of the funding for the building of the elegant, two-story mosque. Most congregants previously attended Masjid Al-Karim in Providence, but felt the need for a masjid in the North Smithfield area for convenience and new resources amid the rapidly expanding community. In addition to uniting the Muslim community and reaching out to non-Muslims, they wanted to have the resources to protect their youth from what they saw as the ills of Western society. Demographics The largest masjid in Rhode Island, Masjid Al-Islam openly welcomes Muslims of all religious affiliations, as its adherents come from all over the world. Arabic and English are the primary languages used in worship. The masjid holds primary the Qur’anic scriptures and the Sunnah (traditions of prophet Muhammad). In addition to the daily and weekly prayers, the masjid performs marriage and death ceremonies, maintains a Sunday school for its youth, and provides a variety of events for its adults, including social gatherings and religious classes and discussions. Some Muslims send their children to the full-time Islamic school in Sharon, Massachusetts. The masjid also publishes communal newsletters and calendars announcing events. The leadership structure consists of the Imam as spiritual leader and a committee of six congregants who deal with administrative and financial matters. All major issues are brought to the community before decisions are made. Community/Outreach The congregants celebrate all major holidays with the larger Muslim community of Rhode Island. The community openly works with other congregations and non-Muslim communities alike. Theologically, they look to commonality among themselves, Christians and Jews as a venue for interaction and community building. Imam Hassan Abu Nar welcomes anyone interested in Islam to the masjid and he often attends local churches and schools to increase awareness and answer questions about Islam. A future goal is to have a yearly health screening and educational day for the community in a partnership with local hospitals. Although more religiously active than politically, the community strives for communal involvement in anyway possible. They currently have programs to visit hospital patients and prison inmates. Additionally, the mosque was in the news for its involvement in helping the families of the victims of the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash that occurred towards the end of 1999. Location and Directions From Route 95, take exit 23 and Route 146 North. Sayles Hill Road is on your right after approximately 9 miles.