Maine Pagan Clergy Association

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 31 October 2013.

Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 731, Saco, ME 04072


The Maine Pagan Clergy Association is a voluntary support and community service organization for those who identify themselves as Pagan Clergy in Maine.


Maine Pagan Clergy Association became a registered Maine nonprofit corporation in November 2001. The general meetings are open to anyone who identifies himself or herself as Pagan clergy with a ministry in Maine. (A "ministry" can be leadership of a group, but it can also be a community service, such as moderating an e-mail list, publishing a newsletter, or helping to put on Pagan events.) MPCA’s meetings are held in a cast circle so that participants have a safe place to confidentially discuss sensitive issues they are experiencing within their ministry and be able to get perspective and ideas from others who may have relevant experience or support to offer.


• Establishing a licensure and recognition process by which Maine Pagans can qualify as clergy under state law
• Implementing a phone tree for supporting and informing one another in case of major situations affecting the Pagan community
• Holding Maine Pagan Clergy Association meetings
• Forming a list of Pagan-friendly counseling services within Maine
• Gathering information on marriage laws in Maine, including sample ceremonies

Licensure & Ordination

MPCA has a Licensure and Ordination Committee that has been testing and refining a process for bestowing legal clergy status on those who wish it. There is currently a process and application for Recognition status, which means that a person is “recognized by MPCA as a legitimate Pagan performing clergy functions in Maine.” (1) Recognition status does not mean that the person is licensed as a legal minister. (See website for details and application). While, the group is still creating the full system for licensure, they have determined that Recognition status is the first step in the process. Pagan Clergy responsibilities
Pagan Clergy have a community in which they provide clerical duties, such as: • Performing ceremonies and rituals such as weddings, handfastings, blessings, rites of passage, funerals
• Offering community service through outreach, in the forms of written or spoken representation of one's particular religion
• Offering pastoral care and counseling
• Being recognized by state or local group (circle, coven, grove) as "clergy"
• Offering teaching and/or training, and leading groups Not all Clergy will be able to do all of these things, all of the time, yet they're examples of the responsibilities with which some Clergy identify. Some pagan organizations or groups require all of the above, as well as a minimum number of years having been involved in these roles.


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