Kansas Zen Center

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 2 May 2008.

Phone: 785-331-2274
Email: info@kansaszencenter.org
Website: http://www.kansaszencenter.org
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The Center opened in 1978. For additional information about the Center's history, see the web site.

Activities and Schedule

The chief activity is meditation practice. For additional information about the practice schedule, please see the web site.


The sangha, or the community practicing at the center, consists mostly of middle-aged and young adults. Most members are of European descent, along with a few Asian-Americans, mostly Korean. The spoken language at the center is English; however, while chanting, members recite in the Korean pronunciation of Chinese characters, called Sino-Korean.


A dark red, two-story building in a residential neighborhood of Lawrence houses the Center. This main building is a converted home. The main level includes a small office, a parlor, and a kitchen. The upper level houses residents. The former garage is for kong-an interviews. A separate building behind the house is the dharma room, used for practice and classes. A short walkway through the garden leads to it. The garden contains paths among the plants, statues of the Buddha, rock sculptures, and likenesses of popular bodhisattvas. People remove their shoes upon entering the dharma room. Its walls hold pegs for the members' robes, and there is an altar with ceremonial artifacts. In the middle of the dharma room are cushions where the members sit to meditate. Magnolia trees and other shrubbery surround the buildings, adding to the atmosphere of peace and beauty.

Student Researchers

The original student researchers were Gayla Brown, Andrew Coffin, Bryan Williams, and Edward Ziembinski. Students Kelly Ochs and Megan Smith revised the profile in 2005, and in 2006, Tracy Fischer, Sarah Romereim, Danielle Sass, and Susan Surman contributed additional research. In 2007, Machelle Bryan, Trisha Loch, and Emilie Teel provided updated information.