[JUST] International Movement for a JUST World

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 21 August 2006.

Phone: 603-772-6386
Email: muza@streamyx.com, muza@po.jaring.my
Website: http://www.just-international.org/index.cfm
Country: Malaysia
Type of Organization: Academic
Constructive practices: Information dissemination, education


According to its website, JUST has four primary missions:
"1. To develop public awareness about the iniquities and injustices in the existing global system.
2. To create a better understanding, at the popular level, of how control and domination of the global system by a privileged minority challenges human dignity and social justice in both the 'First World' and the 'Third World,' in both the 'North' and the 'South.'
3. To nurture a deeper appreciation among people everywhere of the urgent need for alternative institutions and arrangements at the global level which are more conducive to the emergence of a just world.
4. To raise global consciousness on the crucial importance of fostering attitudes, values and ideals at both the personal and community level, which will help attain and sustain a just world.
5. To inculcate within the human family as a whole a profound commitment to a universal spiritual and moral vision of life and living rooted in the oneness of God which will serve to guide humankind in its quest for a just world."


JUST is an organization which brings intellectuals and lay people together to confront issues of justice in light of the globalized world today. This organization wants to raise awareness about the threat of global hegemony towards the world order and its implications for future generations.


JUST is founded by one of Malaysia's foremost intellectuals Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, who is a well-known political scientist and human rights activist. He has written extensively on these issues as well as on religious pluralism and matters concerning the Malaysian society. His efforts have been recognized on the international stage and he has been frequently interviewed and invited to lecture in places around the world.

Programs and Events

JUST publishes commentaries on its website on global events. These commentaries provide different perspectives on issues such as the war in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
JUST is also active in engaging youth leaders with its mission. JUST organizes the Youth Leader Program (YLP) where youth between 20-25 years old are selected from Malaysian universities. The program is designed to help them develop a deeper understanding of global challenges and to provide methods they can utilize when addressing these challenges. Additionally, this program hopes to foster better understanding among Malaysian youth from different racial and religious backgrounds.
In December 2005, JUST was part of the Perdana Global Peace Forum in Malaysia which addressed the issue of peace in today's world. Many world leaders and thinkers participated in this event.