Jaringan Islam Liberal (Liberal Islam Network)

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Contact Information

Address: Jalan Utan Kayu
No. 68H
Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, 13120, ID
Email: redaksi@islamlib.com
Website: http://www.islamlib.com

Custom Label:

Country: Indonesia
Type of Organization: Advocacy
Constructive Practices:
Press Relations
Information Dissemination


From their website :
"1. Develop the liberal Islamic interpretations that are appropriate to our principles, and disseminate it to as many people as possible.
2. Attempt to create dialogue rooms that are open and free from any pressures of conservatism. Only by the availability of open rooms for dialogues, the thought and Islamic action improvement could be well preserved.
3. Endeavor the formation of a fair and humanely social and political structure. We believe that the democratic system is a system that "in the very now" can accomplish those needs. In capitalism, we believe that there are some policies that could be supported, and criticize some of its aspects as well."


JIL officially decsribes itself as "a community which is studying and bringing forth a discourse on Islamic vision that is tolerant, open and supportive for the strengthening of Indonesian democracitization." JIL is an open network with meetings at Teater Utan Kayu in Jakarta and online discussions.


JIL started from several meetings among young intellectuals belonging to the Institut Studi Arus Informasi (Institute for the Study of the Flow of Information) in Jakarta in 2000-2001, and was formally established in 2001. JIL's meeting place is the Teater Utan Kayu in Jakarta, a complex owned by Goenawan Mohamad, founder of Tempo, Indonesia's leading weekly news magazine and leading press rights activist. Mohamad also provided initial funding to JIL, although the organization is currently funded by The Asia Foundation.


JIL has roughly 150 core members who attend regular meetings, although attendance at occasional events such as JIL's anniversary celebration can number much higher. Membership is mostly comprised of young middle class intellectuals, ages 23-50, but some politicians and prominent authors, such as Goenawan Mohamad, have lent their support to JIL.

Programs and Events

Main activities:
1. Syndication of writers on liberal Islam
2. Talk-shows in the news office of Radio 68H, Jakarta, broadcast on 40 stations in Indonesia
3. Publication of books on liberal Islam, pluralism, and multiculturalism
4. Publication of books, short pamphlets, etc. on controversial religious issues
5. Website islamlib.com, including many articles on liberal Islam, pluralism, and multiculturalism
6. Public Service Announcement campaigns
7. Discussion groups on Islam
8. Roadshows to student and campus groups on liberal Islam in Indonesia