Islamic Center of New London

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 27 August 2015.

Phone: 860-442-6321
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The Muslim presence in New London goes back to the late 60s, when a Nation of Islam was formed. This group later converted to Sunni Islam in the late 70s. The Islamic Center in New London in the late 80s. Currently, worshipers travel from around the state to worship at the Islamic Center. Members vary in age and multi-ethnic background. Prayers spoken aloud are in Arabic, but the rest of the service is conducted in English. According to Muslim tradition, services are conducted with members facing towards Mecca. Since some of the places in which the Islamic Center has worshiped are not directly facing Mecca, the group has put down lines on the floor so that members will know in what direction to pray. Upon entering the building, members remove their shoes and women don scarves upon their heads. All participate in ablutions before the prayers begin, washing the hands, face, eyes, and mouth. Men pray towards the front of the worship space while women and children remain towards the rear. Since its founding, the Islamic Center has had difficulties in finding places in which to worship. They have been located in several storefronts while awaiting the construction of their mosque at 50 Reed Street. The Islamic Center has encountered many financial difficulties in building their mosque. They have been fundraising for several years, which is the only plausible way for them to acquire money since Muslim tradition bars them from borrowing money that will be paid back with interest. In November 2001 they have bought a church in Groton and transformed it into their own mosque.

Activities and Schedule

Meetings: Daily: 5 Prayers per day Fridays: Jummuah (worship service): 1:00-2:00pm