Program on Interfaith Peacebuilding by Boston and Jerusalem Teens


Monday, July 24, 2017 (All day)


9 Piper Rd, Lexington, MA 02421, USA
Temple Isaiah Co-Sponsors Program on Interfaith Peacebuilding by Boston and Jerusalem Teens at Temple Emunah Light Dinner (suggested fee $10/person collected at the door); RSVP Here Meet inspiring Israeli, Palestinian, and Boston-area 10th graders who have completed two weeks of advocacy training at the Kids4Peace Global Institute in Washington, DC. Hear how these young leaders take action for peace in Jerusalem and in Boston. Learn about the work of Kids4Peace that connects Muslim, Christian and Jewish youth and their families in Boston and Jerusalem to work together for change. The program will include a panel with Q&A discussion and activities with Kids4Peace youth. For more information, email

Pluralism Project Summary:

On the evening of July 24, 2017, approximately 110 people of different ages and faiths gathered at Temple Emunah to hear the stories of Kids4Peace Boston and Jerusalem students. Four of these 10th graders shared personal stories about their experiences getting to know the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Kids4Peace Boston and Jerusalem students over the past four years. The students proved the success of Kids4Peace in fostering meaningful interfaith connections as they eloquently shared their captivating stories, and comfortably interacted with each other. The event was hosted by Temple Emunah and co-sponsored by Temple Isaiah of Lexington and Hancock Church. The audience experienced a combination of observance and discussion with the students of Kids4Peace, enjoyed a performance by the two-woman band Emma’s Revolution, and feasted on a dinner of pita bread, hummus, and falafel. The conversations at the event focused on how these students worked across bias and disagreement to foster a supportive, constructive, and friendly environment for making change.

This summary was written by a Pluralism Project staff member who attended the event