Greater Boston Humanists Solstice Luncheon: A. Antosca, "Transhumanism, Singularity, & Techno-Religion"


Sunday, June 30, 2019 (All day)


17 Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
The topic of transhumanism has become increasingly popular in recent years as advances in technology continue to pose both extraordinary promise and unique challenges. However, transhumanism—the idea that technology should be used to transcend human limitations, including mortality itself—elicits impassioned reactions from academics and the public at large--and some humanists. In this talk, Dr. Albert R. Antosca will discuss the ways transhumanist concepts are beginning to inspire new forms of religious expression and how the theory of the Technological Singularity promises an atheistic version of immortality. SPEAKER BIO: Albert R. Antosca is an interdisciplinary scholar exploring big questions concerning technology, culture, and the human condition. Inspired partly by his years flying as an airline captain, his doctoral work focused on the Philosophy of Technology and the human-technology relationship. Dr. Antosca is currently a Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College. RESTAURANT The India Pavillion in Central Square Cambridge (vegetarian options, only $14 per person for all you care to eat, not including drinks; bring cash or check, please). RSVP here, or via Facebook, or by responding to your email list email, but NOT all three, please, so we can give the restaurant a good sense of our size. Thanks! GETTING THERE: Free Parking is available on the streets in Cambridge on Sundays. There is a also a convenient public parking garage on Green Street just 2 blocks away (cash only). Central Square MBTA (train and bus) station is just steps away from the India Pavilion.