Critical Feminist Theology for Dalit and Black Liberation


Tuesday, March 27, 2018 (All day)


45 Francis Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Dalit feminist theologian, Dr. Cynthia Stephen, hopes to locate a critique of Brahminical patriarchy alongside and through critical analyses of patriarchy in the Bible made by Dalit, Black, and Latinx scholars. Dr. Stephen will further share how the work of Black and Latinx feminist theological scholars in challenging White Supremacy, particularly in mainstream (White) feminist spaces, provides a valuable framework for understanding and critically engaging Brahminical Supremacy and patriarchy in South Asian contexts. Located at the intersections of Dalit and Black Liberation, and critical feminist theology, this talk will contextualize and respond to the current power of White and Brahminical Supremacies as strengthening global and allied forces, inextricably linked with patriarchy, neoliberalism, and Islamophobia. Hosted in the Braun room, lunch provided. Free and open to the public. *Dr. Cynthia Stephen is Dalit feminist theologian and an activist from India. She has contributed to critical theory on Dalit feminisms, womanisms, and their liberatory potential in faith-based work.